Dr Michelle Moore


Laurie Goshe combines years of training and expertise with a personalized approach to each patient. My weekly massages enable me to successfully run a very stressful business. I drive throughout Southern California in horrible traffic, and spend hours at the computer--but, thanks to Laurie's treatments, I feel up to the challenge!

Meg M.

Laurie has been working with me for over 10 years as a physical therapist and a masseuse. She has performed physical therapy on my back and shoulders. I am pleased to say that both areas have improved and as of today I am pain free in both areas. She goes above and beyond in her sessions by giving tips, info and advice as to how to maintain the progress you make with her. As my masseuse she is wonderful. My session begins with a quick verbal conversation as to how my body is feeling that day and if I have any hot issues. Then she gives me a fabulous massage that is tailored to my current needs. I always leave Laurie’s feeling better than when I went in. I am very grateful that Laurie is a part of my health regimen. She is an integral part of my healthy and unrestrictive lifestyle. Thanks Laurie!

Liz W.

My name is Brian Kordik. I have been through 3 spinal surgeries and one shoulder surgery. The damages done to me by a car accident as well as by a bad surgeon, have left me 85 % disabled.I own a retail tile store.My work is often physical. My Dr said I cannot work but 10 hrs a week , if that, for life.Through the 11 years I have had Laurie as my therapist, I have been able to work full time.On weeks where I have been unable to come in, I am in too much pain to function. I cannot endorse Laurie strongly enough. My dr says ( and he is seventy years old } that he has never seen anyone in my condition that is able to continue working.

Brian K.

I have been going to Laurie for over 8 years, she is an amazing Masseuse and Physical Therapist! She is caring, compassionate and always is able to squeeze me in for emergency treatments. Thanks Laurie, you're the best!! 

Diane R

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